Beyond Résumés: How AI in Talent Acquisition Works 

AI in talent acquisition

AI in Talent Acquisition is the biggest revolution Staffing and Recruitment industry has gone through in the recent past. Recruitment tools empowered by AI use predictive talent analytics to bring the precise candidate that you need. And that too in a fraction of the time it used to take before. Services like sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) in HRMS are undoubtedly transforming resume screening.
In this blog about AI in Resume Sourcing, we will discuss the reasons why one would want to employ AI in their hiring pipeline, comparing traditional methods with the transformative impact of AI in recruitment. We will then dive deeper into the Specific applications of AI in Talent Search and Candidate Analysis. For our readers, we have compiled a checklist of key considerations before using AI for Resume Sourcing. Lastly, we have compiled a list of Top AI Resume Sourcing Tools.
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A Few Reasons to Embrace AI

According to the SHRM Foundation, 33% of companies using AI in talent acquisition reported a reduced cost per hire. Additionally, a study by Deloitte revealed that through automated screening, companies saved a whopping 80% of recruiter time.
That’s not just efficiency and a reduced cost per hire, that’s freedom for your recruiters.
A reduced cost per hire and a talent pipeline with exceptional individuals don’t need to be the only reason you might want to integrate AI in your Talent Aquisition pipeline. There’s more to the story!
There are various tools available that have powerful talent pool management abilities like AI resume sourcing and screening. Such tools are used to crack open hidden talent pools, leading to talent diversity and talent efficiency. Predictive analytics in AI recruitment can analyze skills and experiences beyond keywords. Check out our services, Jigya Software Services has an arsenal of sophisticated tools, designed using its vast experience of 25 years. Our HRMS can screen candidates’ resumes and pinpoint individuals whose unique talents perfectly align with your needs.
The revolution of AI in resume sourcing and screening is here, and it’s just one of the several use cases of AI in talent acquisition. To read about all that AI has in store for Recruitment, check out our comprehensive blog on AI in Recruitment- The latest Trends.

AI Powered Talent Acquisition: Why It Matters?

“Do I really need these fancy AI tools for hiring?”
The answer, like most things in life, depends. But let’s paint a picture of the pre-AI recruitment landscape. This will help you understand the transformative power of automated talent acquisition.

Before AI:


    • Manual Resume Screening. Recruiters sifted through piles of resumes by hand, searching for keywords and matching qualifications to job descriptions. This was time-consuming, often subjective, and prone to bias.
    • Limited candidate reach. Job postings and traditional methods like career fairs were your only options. These tedious procedures restricted candidate reach, potentially missing out on hidden talent pools.
    • Passive talent missed. Passive candidates who weren’t actively job searching were often overlooked, limiting access to a valuable talent pool.
    • Skill Matching Challenges. Keyword-based candidate matching often failed to capture the true depths of a candidate’s skills and experience. This would inevitably lead to mismatched hires.
    • Diversity Gaps. Traditional methods could perpetuate unconscious bias, leading to less diverse candidate pools and hiring decisions.


Enter the AI revolution:


  • Automated candidate ranking via AI powered resume sourcing. AI-powered hiring tools can perform talent network analysis. This way, AI in resume screening scans and analyzes vast volumes of resumes in a flash, ranking them based on your pre-defined criteria and job descriptions. It saves time and improves talent pool management in your company.
  • Expanded Candidate Reach. AI powered talent acquisition ventures beyond the usual suspects and leads to talent pool diversity. AI resume sourcing and screening scours social media, professional networks, and performs niche skill search to unearth previously hidden talent.
  • Proactive candidate engagement. AI Tools in talent acquisition along with Big data in HR identify promising passive candidates. This allows recruiters to proactively reach out to them, attracting top talent before they become available in the market.
  • Skills & Expertise, Automated Resume Screening. AI in recruitment delves deeper than keywords. It understands the context and nuances of a candidate’s skills and experience. NLP in HR (Natural Language Processing) ensuring perfect candidate matching and talent identification.
  • Bias mitigation, Diverse Talent Acquisition through AI. AI tools for resume sourcing help reduce unconscious bias, promoting a fairer and more diverse candidate pool.

Here at Jigya Software Services, we offer services like staff augmentation, HRMS, and assessment tools based on the latest technology. Contact us for a trial today!

Applications Of AI in Candidate Sourcing


  1. Efficiency and Speed:


    • Automatic Resume Screening. AI tools in resume sourcing scan and analyze large volumes of resumes quickly. This saves recruiters’ time and resources. These AI tools perform automated candidate matching when they identify resumes that match specific criteria based on keywords, skills, experience, and qualifications.

    • Pre-qualification of Candidates. AI algorithms for hiring and its AI candidate assessment tools select candidates based on your criteria. Prioritizing the most qualified for further review. This feature of AI in talent acquisition ensures a reduced workload for HR recruiters. Only the best candidates reach the interview stage leading to candidate efficiency.

    • Improved Matching Accuracy. No more relying on simple keyword matches. AI in recruitment goes beyond the surface by understanding the context of a candidate’s skills and experience. This leads to better matches and a diverse talent pool. Make full use of these features in your next AI Talent acquisition tool!


  1. Targeted Talent Search:


    • Identifying Passive Candidates. AI powered resume sourcing scours online platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow. It then provide you even those highly skilled individuals who might not be actively looking. This opens a treasure trove of hidden talent just waiting to be discovered leading to diversity through AI talent acquisition.

    • Reaching Niche Talent. Need a data scientist fluent in Klingon? AI talent network analysis helps find niche talent specializing in specific industries or roles. AI’s Predictive hiring can help you find candidates with unique, niche skills and expertise. Such candidates are difficult to find through traditional methods, making your talent acquisition workflow world class.

    • Build Your Talent Pipeline. AI predictive analytics in recruitment can analyze data and predict future hiring needs. Enabling proactive talent sourcing and pipeline building. This ensures a ready pool of qualified candidates when new positions open.


  1. Automated Candidate Analysis:


    • Data Extraction and Parsing. AI tools in HR extract information like skills, experience, and education. These tools then build detailed profiles for making candidate assessment easier and candidate comparison faster. Big data in HR can be used to build detailed candidate profiles and facilitate recruitment through AI.

    • Skill and Expertise Analysis. Forget keyword stuffing. AI for talent search delves deeper, understanding the true depth and relevance of a candidate’s skills and experience. This leads to recruitment optimization. It allowing for more nuanced candidate evaluation and talent identification leading to good hiring practices through AI.

    • Culture Fit Assessment. Some AI analytics tools in HR perform automated candidate assessment to analyze language and social media activity. These tools then assess a candidate’s cultural fit with your organization. This leads to better candidate integration in accordance with your team and company environment.

Overall, AI tools for resume sourcing can significantly improve work efficiency, hiring accuracy, and candidate reach and diversity. They can help recruiters find the best talent for their organization. On top of that they reduce recruitment bias and attract diverse talent to the workforce.
Such advantages make it imperative for an organization to use the best solutions available in the market for their hiring requirements. That is why here at Jigya Software Services, our team provides dedicated service to our clients 24X7 for all their Hiring and Recruitment needs.

Key Considerations for AI Resume Sourcing Tools

With so many options available, picking the right AI tool for talent acquisition can feel overwhelming. Let’s navigate the landscape together and understand the key factors to consider for your search for AI-powered recruitment.

1. Know Your Talent:


Target Talent Pool: Are you trying to find general candidates or industry-specific talent? AI tools in hiring specializing in niche categories might help you in some cases!

Active vs. Passive: Focus on candidates actively job hunting or tap into the hidden potential of passive talent with AI powered recruitment tools equipped for proactive outreach.

2. Seamless Integration:

HR Harmony: Will your chosen AI HR tool play nice with your existing HR systems and Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? Seamless integration ensures smooth data flow and minimizes disruption.
Jigya Software Services, located in Madhapur, Hyderabad is an Orpine group company. Established in 1999, it is an IT development, services and consulting company with offices in Georgia, North Carolina, California and India. Jigya’s founders know the industry inside and out – each has over 10 years of experience working with large corporations on both the consulting and buying end.

3. Budgetary Considerations:

From Free Trials to Premium Options: Weigh your needs against your budget. Many AI Recruitment tools offer free trials, while others cater to larger teams with customized pricing plans, making their AI HRMS tool the best fit for your needs.

4. Beyond these critical factors, remember to ask yourself:

What level of automation in hiring do you desire? Some tools handle the entire screening process, while others leave final decisions in your hands, customizing your automated staffing pipeline according to your needs.
Do you prioritize advanced features in your AI Talent acquisition tool like skill gap analysis or cultural fit assessment? Choose AI recruitment tools that offer functionalities aligned with your hiring goals.
How user-friendly and intuitive is the interface of your chosen AI recruitment tool? A smooth and efficient user experience is essential for both recruiters and candidates.
By researching and comparing different AI tools for recruitment, you can find the perfect solution to streamline your hiring process. Using AI resume sourcing, Predictive Hiring, AI powered talent network analysis, you can opt for Jigya’s services and attract top talent for your organization.
Onwards to the next section, where we’ll unleash the power of specific AI recruitment tools for your recruitment arsenal!


Top Tools for AI Resume Sourcing

We’ve explored the how’s and whys of AI in resume sourcing, and now it’s time to unveil the arsenal of AI resume screening, AI talent acquisition, and many more AI in HR tools designed to revolutionize your talent acquisition game.

Generalist AI Talent Acquisition Platforms:


    • GoHireTech:  This powerhouse platform gives personalized ATS (Application Tracking System) solutions to companies around the globe and has expertise in services like SaaS Products and Strategy Consulting Solutions. Unique Selling Point (USP): Focuses on candidate experience with a diverse area of expertise. Have experience in various aspects of HR and Workforce Management.


    • Jigya Software Services: This Hi-Tech matchmaker utilizes advanced AI recruitment algorithms, developed in house by its software development team, to perform candidate sourcing, candidate screening, candidate assessment and various other HRM solutions. USP: It’s years of expertise in software development, recruitment and HRMS give Jigya Softwares its edge over other solutions in the market.


    • Orpine: This all-in-one software development company boasts built-in tools to provide services across technologies and industries. USP: Orpine’s in-house team of software developers provide unique tools ranging from powerful analytics to product development and maintenance.


Focused Search Platforms:


    • Seekout: This platform is a tech AI talent search magnet, performing targeted candidate sourcing, screening resumes for niche skill and talent on platforms like GitHub and Stack Overflow. Its AI recruitment tool creates detailed profiles based on online contributions, giving you insights into their niche skill. USP: Ideal for niche skill search, it specializes in specific developer communities and skills, ensuring you find the perfect tech fit with the use of this AI in HR tool.


    • Textio: This AI language expert analyzes job descriptions to mitigate recruitment bias and suggests improvements for diverse talent attraction. It seamlessly integrates with popular ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) platforms, making it a breeze to implement. USP: Promotes inclusive hiring practices by helping you avoid unconscious bias with the help of AI recruitment machine learning language, paving the way for a more equitable workforce.


    • Arya: This proactive AI recruitment tool uses AI-powered candidate sourcing and automated engagement tools to reach out to promising passive candidates before they hit the market. USP: Offers personalized and automated candidate outreach based on skills, experience, and career aspirations, ensuring you connect with individuals who are genuinely interested in your opportunities.


AI Resume Screening and Automated Talent Analysis Tools:


    • Talentstream Resume Screening: This tool performs AI resume screening and automated candidate matching and accurately extracts resume data like skills, experience, and education, directly feeding it into your ATS (Application Tracking System) or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. USP: This AI Recruiting tool integrates with various HR software and offers custom configuration options, ensuring seamless data flow and adaptability to your specific needs.


    • RESUME.AI: This AI recruitment tool performs AI-powered resume screening, creating comprehensive candidate profiles by performing predictive analytics analyzing skills, experience, and achievements. It even offers automated candidate assessments and predicts potential performance in specific roles. USP: Takes the guesswork out of identifying top performers, helping you make data-driven hiring decisions using Big Data in HR.


    • Kred: This platform assigns “Kred scores” to candidates based on their skills, experience, and achievements, making it easy to quickly identify top contenders in large applicant pools. USP: This AI in HR tool focuses on efficiency and precision, helping you prioritize the most promising candidates for further review.

Don’t forget to check out our blog on AI For Recruitment: Latest Trends in AI for Recruitment for a comprehensive list of all the latest AI tools available to take your team to the next level!
Remember, the perfect AI in HR tool depends on your specific needs and budget. Carefully consider your target talent pool, candidate sourcing needs, integration requirements, and budget constraints before choosing your AI Recruitment tool.
Our vast experience comes from working across industries – retail, banking, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and more. With over 200 IT Consultants on staff and $25 million in annual revenue, Jigya has the capacity to meet any of your business needs. For any queries, contact us! Our experts are there for all your hiring needs 24X7.
Embrace this AI recruitment revolution and watch your staffing soar!

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