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Jigya Software Services: A Top Recruitment Company in Hyderabad

Hiring is an important aspect of any business. So is finding a top recruitment company for your hire. Recruitment really is the foundations upon which a business is built upon. A business team will determine the heights that the business can achieve, the heights it deserves.

Recruitment companies come and go, but only the really good ones stick around. It’s important you choose a recruitment company that is not just surviving, but thriving. Jigya Software services, an Orpine Group Company is one of those recruitment companies. Founded in 1999, Jigya Software Services has 25 years of experience in software services and staffing solutions. We at Jigya proudly claim our spot as one of a Top Recruitment Company in Hyderabad.

Based out of Madhapur, we firmly assert our position as the leading recruitment company in Hyderabad, India. We have been helping our clients with all their software and recruitment needs for the last 25+ years, and now we want to help you too.

With so many recruitment agencies out there, it can be hard to pick the right one. But with the abundance of options comes the daunting task of choosing the right, efficient and client-centric consultancy.

If you are new to the world of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) or had a bad experience with a tech recruitment company in the past, we’re here to help you figure out your recruitment strategy. Here is our Guide to Choosing Your Recruitment Company, that is going to clear up all your doubts about choosing a good recruitment company.

First, we’re going to bust some myths about recruitment companies to clear up any confusion.

Common Misconceptions

In this section, we aim to debunk common misconceptions about Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and other staffing solutions to ease any concerns you may have. Are they expensive? Can you trust them? How to engage with a recruitment company? Such questions may be weighing on your mind. Drawing from our extensive 25 years of experience in recruitment we at Jigya Software Services, a Top Recruitment Company in Hyderabad, have identified and debunked six misconceptions that often hinder businesses from accessing our top-notch services. Our goal is to ensure that our clients receive the best possible recruitment experience by dispelling these misconceptions and providing transparent, quality solutions.

1. All recruitment agencies are equal

Not true. Agencies vary in specialization, size, and approach. It’s important to research and select the right agency that fits your needs.

2. Recruitment agencies are solely for temporary or lower-tier positions.

False. Agencies provide services for various job types, from temporary to permanent, and across all levels, including executive roles. They cover diverse industries like IT, healthcare, engineering, and marketing, among others.

3. Recruitment agencies charge exorbitant fees

False. Fees depend on service type, difficulty, and market conditions. They’re typically fair and competitive, and often include perks like guarantee periods, payroll services and even replacement candidates. Moreover, hiring benefits like speed, reduced turnover, and increased productivity often outweigh the fees you would be paying to get the recruitment services. It is wise to choose your recruitment company by considering your budget and priorities. That is why we’d recommend you give us a try. Contact us here for any queries and get serviced from the best recruitment company in Hyderabad

Top Recruitment company in Hyderabad- Jigya Software Services
Hiring With Jigya


4. Recruitment agencies lack industry expertise.

False. Many agencies specialize in specific industries, gaining extensive knowledge of required skills to find experienced candidates in those sectors.

5. Recruitment agencies disregard quality and fit.

False. Agencies have a vested interest in providing quality candidates who align with your needs and culture. They make use of diverse assessment methods and tools to gauge skills, personality, and potential. With access to large talent pools that are inaccessible to others, they offer unique candidates. Furthermore, they prioritize client and candidate satisfaction for enduring relationships on both sides.

6. Recruitment agencies lack understanding of company culture.

Reality: Good agencies take the time and effort to grasp the distinct culture and values each of their client companies have. This enables them to match candidates based not only on skills but also on personality and work approach, personality and work style.

10 Reasons to Choose Jigya Software Services, a Top Recruitment Company


1. We Specialize in Recruitment:

There are three different types of recruitment agencies in your search.

1. Generalist recruitment agencies

2. Specialist tech recruitment agencies

3. Tech recruitment agencies with specialist arms/ functions/ delivery teams

Recruitment by Jigya Software Services lies in the 2nd and the 3rd Category.

As a provider of software solutions, we specialize in app and web development. We also offer a range of software consultancy services. This enables us to connect our clients with top talent tailored to their specific industry, including tech, real estate, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, and education.

With such expertise, we ensure effective communication and understanding. We have crystal clear idea about the roles our clients are recruiting for and are well equipped to find our clients their future hires.

Here at Jigya Software Services, we have a deep knowledge of the market, the latest trends, and challenges involved in candidate sourcing and hiring. We can provide insightful consultancy services to our clients. So, you will be in a better position to manage your expectations in terms of specifications, salary and manpower decisions for your business. That is why Jigya truly is amongst the top recruitment companies in Hyderabad.

2. Consistent Client- Centric Communication

We prioritize client experience, emphasizing consistent communication. Our team maintains regular contact with clients, ensuring they’re always in the loop. We offer frequent progress updates and actively gather feedback from both clients and candidates post-hiring. This approach enriches our expertise in staffing and recruitment, enabling us to have a wealth of knowledge and finesse in our field.

3. We care for Our Client’s Budget

We will offer you employees of the same caliber as those delivered by the “Top Notch” expensive recruitment companies. Being grounded in our vision, we believe in quoting our clients for our services, and not our brand name.

4. Integrity and Transparency

The best recruitment agencies don’t embellish the truth, just like us.

Our extensive experience in recruiting has given us enough confidence not to overpromise and under deliver. We provide realistic timelines and skillfully manage the expectations of our clients. Our founders have instilled in us a people-centric ethos, along with a steadfast commitment to honesty and transparency.

5. Our customer Base

Operating from locations in Georgia, North Carolina, California, and India, we offer round-the-clock service to our clients. Our vast clientele was established prior to the social media age. This ensures enduring satisfaction and strong endorsements. This has made Jigya Software Services the best recruitment company in Hyderabad. Explore our client base on our website or connect with us on LinkedIn for enhanced service offerings.

6. Peace of Mind

We treasure peace of mind. both for ourselves and for our clients. There’s nothing more fulfilling than a satisfied client. That’s why we implement strategies that ensure a stress-free hiring process for our clients. We carefully select only the best candidates for you to review, spamming a client’s inbox with every resume in the market is not our style. If our initial candidates don’t meet your expectations, we seek feedback to better understand your needs and refine our search to find the perfect fit.

7. Do more, For Less

We go the extra mile. We exceed expectations by providing supplementary services beyond just recruitment. This includes things like Talent Partnership agreements, networking events, Talent Insights and other resources aimed at enhancing our clients’ businesses.

8. Our Hiring Process

We don’t just browse CV’s and spam your Inbox. Once we find a good candidate, we conduct our own screening process. Either a physical interview or a telephonic interview is conducted for every potential candidate to know more about them, discuss their role and gauge their suitability.

We know that each candidate that we send to our clients, represents us.

Additional assistance in the recruitment process is provided to our clients, which includes technical testing, personality profiling, and other assessments.

9. Our Honesty

We all must deliver bad news, as well as good news. Whether it be a roadblock in the recruitment process, or a suggestion that might help you get your ideal candidate. Our honest suggestions have helped our clients a long way to get good hires that last and perform.

Life at Jigya- A Top Recruitment Company in Hyderabad
Life at Jigya


10. Life at Jigya

While our top priority remains the best recruitment experience for our clients, we also emphasize our employee happiness. Our flexible work schedule gives our employees an option to choose their shifts according to their convenience. Our vacation retreats and work-holidays lay the foundation for a good and long-lasting team. Dedicated and driven to perform for their clients, our employees are trained to deliver the best recruitment to you, with ease. Making Jigya Software Service a Top Recruitment Company in Hyderabad

In the labyrinth of recruitment agencies, the decision to partner with the right one is paramount. Choose wisely; choose Jigya Software Services, a top recruitment company in Hyderabad. The best decision is an informed decision, and the partnership with a recruitment company should not be taken lightly. Embrace success with Jigya today. Visit us at Jigya Software Services to unlock a world of possibilities.

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