Crafting E- Assessments: A Comprehensive Guide

Crafting E- Assessments With Jigya Software Services

Using e- assessments is a valuable strategy for recruiters and educators alike. Pinpointing candidates who align with their organization’s requirements or evaluating exceptional learners. Online assessments have been proved to be reliable sources of evaluation.

“While auto-scoring is a useful tool, it becomes a potential hassle if not thoroughly verified and validated.”

The effectiveness of an online assessment software depends upon its proper design. To make sure that the e- assessment tool that you are using is standardized and designed to suit your needs, you must remember to get it from a reliable and experienced source.
Jigya Software Services, located in Madhapur, Hyderabad, has 25 years’ experience in providing various solutions to our clients. Along with E- Assessment Solutions, we provide various services, ranging from Application Development, HRMS, Technology Consulting and more.

“While the swiftness of conducting assessments and delivering prompt results is crucial, it is equally important to ensure accurate marking during a hiring process.”

In this blog we are going to talk all about the art of crafting an E- Assessment questionnaire. This blog will enable any organization or educator to craft the best online assessment for a better evaluation process.

Nuances of E- Assessments


Planning With Speed

Candidates value speedy results, and online assessments accelerate the overall evaluation process.

However, meticulous planning and verification are essential to avoid errors that could impede the process.

Precision And Accuracy

Ensuring the accuracy and correctness of the e- assessment structure before implementation is imperative, preventing the need for post-assessment corrections and ensuring a smooth and efficient evaluation process. These are some of the important points to keep in mind while developing or choosing as online assessment tool.
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Crafting E- Assessment: Into the mind of a Software Developer.

Gaining insight into the development process and key considerations for creating an online assessment tool can help organizations make informed choices when selecting an e-assessment tool.
At Jigya Software Solutions, our dedication is to provide top-quality products to our clients. To better serve our readers, we’ve compiled a list of essential considerations for developing and selecting an online assessment tool.
Below are some key points that are kept in mind while compiling an E-Assessment Tool. Use these pointers as simple techniques to boost the effectiveness of your E-Assessments.

1) Evaluating Candidate’s Competencies

Assessing competencies encompasses a range of online assessments, such as multiple-choice or short-answer tests for factual knowledge, case studies or scenarios for evaluating problem-solving skills, simulations or games for technical skills, personality or psychometric tests for traits, and video or audio interviews for communication skills.

Each assessment type has its advantages and disadvantages. The optimal e-assessment approach combines multiple-choice questions and formative questions.

How to Assess Competencies? Follow these tips!

To better assess the competencies of you candidate during E- assessment, use the following tips:

1. Utilize tools like ChatGPT or BARD AI

Generate innovative questions that effectively assess a candidate’s abilities in practical scenarios.

Input the job posting and your resume into ChatGPT or a similar tool, and request a list of likely interview questions. This output can serve as a valuable starting point for your interview preparation, ensuring you don’t overlook a potentially excellent hire.

Alternatively, you can prompt ChatGPT to provide detailed explanations on topics you want to assess your candidate for. Delving into the subject matter with additional questions enables ChatGPT to provide deeper insights. Remember to request sources and verify the information provided by ChatGPT for your evaluation test.

This offers a simple method to enhance your E-Assessment process.

 2. Utilize the search function on online job platforms like Indeed, Glassdoor, or LinkedIn.

Enter relevant keywords for your field, industry, role, or skills, and filter results by location, company, or date. To make you E- Assessment process better, review questions asked of other candidates and use more specific keywords for a focused search.

EDUCATORS can utilize various online platforms, including blogs, scientific papers, and forums, to delve into detailed discussions on their subjects. Online resources often offer more current information than outdated textbooks, keeping educators informed about the latest developments in their fields.

3. Explore categories or topics provided by online job platforms.

To improve your E-Assessment process, explore platforms like Glassdoor’s “Interview Questions” section. Discover different question types such as behavioral, situational, technical, or brainteaser questions. Refine your search by choosing your field, industry, or role to find the most popular questions in each category.

This method reveals questions you may not have thought of before, providing insights into their difficulty and complexity levels.

E- Assessment with Jigya Software Services
E- Assessment with Jigya Software Services


4. Analyze job descriptions on online platforms

Here’s a simple technique to boost the effectiveness of your E-Assessment process. Identify keywords, phrases, or requirements indicating the employers’ desired skills, knowledge, or competencies. This is an easy way to optimize your online assessment process. For instance, if a job description highlights the need for strong communication, analytical, or project management skills, anticipate questions testing or demonstrating these skills.

Additionally, use the job description as a resource to prepare questions for the employers, focusing on their goals, expectations, or challenges.

2) Streamline Your Process

1.Begin by creating a to-do list to guide your efforts. Develop a comprehensive plan that outlines how the exam will be conducted, the target audience, and the proficiency level expected from examinees.
2.Identify the key competitive features you desire in your online exams.
Prioritize your main, secondary, and tertiary topics, assigning appropriate weightage to each in your tests. This hierarchical approach offers a hassle-free way to streamline your online assessment process. Emphasize the inclusion of practical questions rather than relying solely on theoretical common knowledge. This approach maximizes the effectiveness of your online evaluation process.

Shift your focus to the exam’s content, determining the topics used to evaluate candidates. Evaluate the practicality of these concepts and establish the desired proficiency level for each topic. When crafting questions, ensure a strategic selection that encompasses diverse aspects.

While assessing the technical prowess of a data scientist is essential, consider incorporating inquiries about personality and cultural fit within the organization. A misfit can adversely impact team morale and operational efficiency.
Consider leveraging custom online assessment solutions or explore the latest technological trends, such as AI, to enhance your testing procedures. These advanced tools can significantly contribute to the efficiency and accuracy of your evaluation process.
Jigya Software Services, located in Madhapur, Hyderabad specializes in developing custom E- Assessment Software Solutions. Established in 1999, Jigya Software Services’ vast experience comes from working across industries – retail, banking, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and more. Providing services like Technology Consulting, HRMS, Recruitment and Staffing and Web and Mobile Application Development.

3) Testing Your Online Assessment Software

Before initiating an online assessment, it is crucial to conduct a thorough testing process to guarantee its functionality and alignment with expectations.
1.This involves piloting the assessment with a limited sample of candidates or employees resembling the target audience.
2.Collecting feedback and analyzing data is imperative to assess the assessment’s validity, reliability, and fairness.
3.Identification and resolution of errors, glitches, or content and delivery gaps should be a focal point during the testing phase. Subsequently, necessary adjustments or improvements must be implemented based on the received feedback and analyzed data.
Through this meticulous testing and refinement process, the goal is to develop online assessments that are devoid of errors, uphold high quality, and provide a user-friendly experience.

To make online assessments, you need a technical platform or tool. Find one that offers different assessment formats, has a user-friendly interface for both you and the candidates, ensures data security and privacy, works well on different devices and browsers, and provides accurate and timely reports and feedback. Using a reliable platform or tool helps you create e- assessments that are efficient, professional, and trustworthy.
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4) Seamless Collaboration

1. Establishing clear workflows for reviewing and approving questions before inclusion in the question bank is crucial for the smooth operation of the online assessment process. This presents a convenient way to elevate your E-Assessment process.

Caution is required during the questionnaire compilation stage. This task, though occasionally daunting and repetitive, necessitates the careful addition of factually accurate questions with correct answers.

This precision distinguishes between a successful e- assessment and a potential failure.
2. The collaborative aspect of online assessment tools not only facilitates instructors in adding new knowledge but also opens avenues for gaining feedback from examinees to enhance the learning experience. Seeking input directly from those being evaluated is a simple yet effective approach to improving evaluations.

A poor feedback system from examinees may leave evaluators unaware of the accuracy of their questions in gauging candidates’ abilities, leading to random and repetitive false evaluation scores.

Imagine losing the ideal candidate due to a correct answer being deemed wrong in the evaluation process.
3.Linear-on-the-fly testing (LOFT) stands out as one of the best features offered by online assessment tools.

“Embracing features like On-Screen Marking tools is essential to stay competitive. These tools ensure secure, standardized, and prompt feedback to candidates, aligning with the expectations of the modern assessment landscape.”


5) Global Exposure

For recruiters, the advent of online assessment solutions has completely mitigated the chances of personal biases influencing evaluation results. This shift ensures a fair and unbiased evaluation process, contributing to a more equitable recruitment process.


When dealing with global candidates, having insight into their culture, background, language fluency, and more is crucial.

Cultures vary, some being polite and indirect, while others are direct and confrontational. Consider these factors, along with the adjustability of your global candidates, when selecting questions for your e-assessment.


Online assessments offer flexibility for candidates with disabilities, allowing adjustments like changing font size or background color. Additionally, accommodating special considerations, such as extra time, becomes simpler for online candidates.

6) Effective communication

In advance, inform candidates about the purpose, format, and expectations of the online assessment, providing clear instructions, guidelines, and reminders regarding the deadline, duration, and technical requirements.

Acknowledge their submission and confirm receipt of the online assessment.

Swiftly share results and feedback with candidates, explaining the next steps in the hiring process.

This provides a straightforward way to perfect your E-Assessment process.

Regular communication and follow-up contribute to creating respectful, informative, and engaging online assessments.

Prioritize Security:

There is one important aspect that many people look over, and that is the Security features of one’s e-assessment software.

Safeguard candidate details, marks, and results throughout the evaluation process to prevent tampering or compromise in online assessment. Limit access to online exam information to authorized individuals.

Online Assessment with Jigya Software Services
Online Assessment with Jigya Software Services


Crafting E- Assessments With Jigya Software Services

Continuing with the exploration of Crafting E-Assessments, let’s delve into the benefits of utilizing online exams with Jigya Software Services, a software company providing online exam and e-assessment tools since 1999.
The transition to online assessments promises manifold benefits, reducing administrative burdens significantly for organizations and fostering an environment of convenience and efficiency for candidates.


Online exams with Jigya Software Services present a cost-effective solution for various organizations. Traditional exams often incur expenses related to printing, distribution, and manual grading, which can be significantly reduced by transitioning to online assessments. The streamlined process of e-assessment not only saves on material costs but also minimizes the need for physical infrastructure and personnel, making online assessment a financially prudent choice for institutions and companies alike.

Flexibility for Candidates:

One of the standout advantages offered by Jigya Software Services is the flexibility it provides to candidates. Online exams can be taken from the comfort of one’s home or any location with internet access, eliminating the constraints associated with physical exam centers. This flexibility caters to the diverse needs and preferences of candidates, accommodating those with busy schedules, geographical constraints, or specific accessibility requirements. As a result, candidates have the freedom to choose the most convenient time and place to undertake their assessments, contributing to a more inclusive and accessible evaluation process.
Jigya Software services is an Orpine group company, Established in 1999, It is an IT development, services and consulting company with offices in Georgia, North Carolina, California and India. Our vast experience comes from working across industries – retail, banking, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and more. With over 200 IT Consultants on staff and $25 million in annual revenue, Jigya has the capacity to meet any of your business needs.

Accurate Evaluation:

Jigya Software Services ensures accurate evaluation through its online exam and e-assessment tools. The automated grading system minimizes the likelihood of human errors associated with manual marking, providing consistent and precise results. Additionally, the advanced features of these online assessment tools allow for adaptive testing, ensuring that questions dynamically adjust based on the candidate’s performance. This personalized approach enhances the accuracy of the evaluation by tailoring the difficulty level of questions to each candidate’s proficiency, resulting in a more nuanced and reliable assessment.

Ease of Use:

The user-friendly interface of Jigya Software Services’ online assessment tools contributes to the ease of use for both administrators and candidates. The intuitive design simplifies online exam creation and management process, allowing administrators to efficiently organize and deploy assessments. Candidates benefit from a seamless and straightforward testing experience, eliminating unnecessary complexities and reducing the likelihood of technical issues. This ease of use not only enhances the overall user experience but also contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of the e- assessment process.

Personalized Service:

Jigya Software Services distinguishes itself by providing personalized service in the realm of online assessments. The platform offers customizable features that cater to the specific needs and preferences of institutions, educators, and recruiters. From tailoring the assessment content to aligning with organizational objectives to incorporating branding elements that reflect the institution’s identity, Jigya Software Services ensures a personalized and tailored experience. This customization extends to the reporting and analytics features, allowing users to derive meaningful insights and actionable data from the assessments, further enhancing the value of the e-assessment service.
In conclusion, the collaboration with Jigya Software Services in the realm of online exams yields a multitude of benefits. The cost-effectiveness, flexibility for candidates, accurate evaluation, ease of use, and personalized service collectively contribute to a comprehensive and efficient assessment solution. As organizations and educational institutions increasingly recognize the value of embracing technology-driven assessment tools, Jigya Software Services stands out as a reliable partner in crafting a seamless and effective e-assessment experience.
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