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In an increasingly globalized world, the competition for talent has transcended geographical boundaries. Hiring and Recruitment for organizations has become a daunting task, leading to rise in Staff Augmentation and RPO Companies. To remain competitive, companies must adopt innovative approaches to attract international talent.

One such approach is prioritizing skills over geographical location or nationality, i.e. “Skills- First Approach”.

According to data from LinkedIn, 40% of hirers on LinkedIn used skills to fill open roles—up 20% year-over-year.”

The skills-first approach prioritizes a person’s skills and competencies over their degree when making hiring decisions.

This blog explores the advantages of such an approach and its significance in the contemporary corporate landscape.

A good recruitment agency recognizes such novel and efficient recruitment trends and makes sure that their clients stay ahead of the competition.

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By adopting a skills-first approach to hiring, companies not only enhance their efficiency but also provide a wider range of individuals with opportunities to advance their careers.

1: Prioritizing Competence


    • By prioritizing specific skills, qualifications, and experiences, companies can cast a wider net in their search for talent. Enhancing their recruitment process.


    • This approach enables organizations to identify individuals with the requisite expertise, regardless of their country of origin.


  • Leveraging diverse skills enriches teams with varied perspectives and fosters innovation. This increases productivity and provides a nurturing environment to the workforce.


2: Fostering Inclusivity and Meritocracy


    • A skills-first approach enhances a company’s reputation as an inclusive and meritocratic employer.


    • By evaluating candidates based on abilities rather than background, organizations promote fairness and equal opportunity.


  • This resonates positively with domestic and international talent pools, attracting top performers seeking environments where skills are valued irrespective of nationality.

The Skill-First Recruitment approach is a valuable method for enhancing a company’s proficiency and productivity.

A college degree used to operate as a guaranteed ticket to a great career. Skills-based hiring doesn’t negate the college degree, but it does recognize that skills are skills, no matter how or where they are acquired.”


3: Enhancing Flexibility in Recruitment Strategies


    • Embracing a skills-first approach facilitates greater flexibility in recruitment strategies.


    • Remote work and virtual collaboration enable companies to tap into global talent markets, transcending traditional location constraints.


  • Accessing specialized skills globally gives organizations a competitive edge in the market.


4: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion


    • International talent brings cultural perspectives, language skills, and global insights that enrich organizational culture and drive innovation.


    • Fostering a diverse workforce cultivates an environment of creativity, collaboration, and adaptability.


  • Diversity enhances organizational resilience and effectiveness in navigating the complexities of the global marketplace.


Skills-first hiring works within the reality that not everyone has the means or time to pursue a higher education.”


5: Mitigating Bias and Discrimination


    • Prioritizing skills reduces the risk of unconscious bias and discrimination in recruitment processes.


    • Objective criteria related to qualifications and competencies minimize the influence of subjective factors such as race, gender, or nationality.


  • Fair and equitable treatment enhances the company’s reputation as an employer of choice for diverse talent.


Recruitment By Jigya Software Services
Recruitment by Jigya Software Services


How You can Make use of Skills First Approach for Your Hiring Process


1: Stay ahead of the competition.

Be Aware of the Market Trends. By embracing a skills-first approach to hiring, you can effectively navigate the evolving landscape of talent acquisition and stay ahead of your competitors.

2: Use Tech- Driven Screening.

Use up to date and resume screening tools that utilize the latest technology. Several resume screening tools have great customizability so you can choose your candidates better. A SaaS company delivering service to its client for the past 25 years, Jigya Software Services employs the latest technology in their HRMS and other Hiring Solutions.

“Linkedin users added 286 million skills to their profiles in 2021, up 22% compared to the year before.”


3: Use a Reputable Recruitment Agency.

Jigya Software Services has been serving its client by providing the best candidates since its inception in 1999. An Orpine Group Company, we are proud to provide services to our 75+ clients. Having expertise in various fields like IT staff augmentation, HRMS, Technology Consulting and Web and App Development, Jigya Software Services has the capacity to meet any of your business needs as a $25 Million revenue company.

In conclusion, a skills-first approach offers numerous benefits for companies seeking to attract international talent. By prioritizing competence, fostering inclusivity, and embracing diversity, organizations can build high-performing teams capable of driving innovation and achieving sustainable growth in the global marketplace. As companies continue to navigate the challenges of talent acquisition, adopting a skills-first approach remains essential for staying ahead in the race for talent.

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