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To support our fellow programmers in app development, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best AI tools and extensions designed to streamline your coding process, boost efficiency, and enhance productivity. We have chosen three major languages used in app development for this blog: JavaScript, Python and React Native. If you are a developer looking for a tool that could assist you in coding, then read more to find out best AI Tools and Extensions for App development JavaScript, Python and React Native.



Advanced AI Tools for JavaScript App Development


JavaScript, originally named Mocha, was created in 1995 by Brendan Eich at Netscape in just 10 days. It quickly became the language for web and mobile app development. Initially called LiveScript, it was renamed JavaScript to capitalize on Java’s popularity. Today, it’s essential for web and mobile app development. At Jigya Software Services, a leading mobile application development company in India, we understand the importance of streamlining your JavaScript workflow. Here’s a breakdown of some powerful AI tools and extensions specifically tailored for JavaScript development:

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1. Kite

This tool for app development stands out for analyzing your entire project for hyper-relevant suggestions and insightful documentation summaries. You’ll benefit from its ability to understand project structure and suggest more accurate code completions.

  • Understanding Project Nuances: Kite grasps project structure and dependencies, leading to more accurate and sophisticated code completions.
  • In-Depth Documentation: Offers rich documentation summaries right within your editor, streamlining workflow.


2. TabNine Pro

Similar to Copilot, TabNine Pro uses a powerful AI model but emphasizes customization. You can train it on your proprietary codebase or domain-specific libraries, leading to highly tailored suggestions for any kind of mobile app or web development needs.

  • Customization: TabNine Pro can be trained on your specific codebase or domain-specific libraries, improving its suggestions over time.
  • Efficiency: TabNine often offers multi-line, function-level completions to significantly speed up your coding.


3. SourceAI

This unique tool for web and mobile app development offers the potential to translate descriptions into functional JavaScript code. While still evolving, it can be immensely helpful for prototyping, testing ideas quickly, or simplifying complex logic in your mobile app development.

  • Prototyping: Quickly testing ideas by describing what you want the code to do without detailed syntax knowledge.
  • Simplifying Complex Logic: Converting intricate logic descriptions into working code can aid in problem-solving.


Extensions for JavaScript Development

Let’s focus on VS Code, a popular choice among mobile app developers and web developers. Here’s a curated list of extensions to maximize productivity and streamline your JavaScript experience:


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App Development tools

1. Prettier

Code formatter: Keep your code consistent and visually appealing, essential for team-based app development projects using JavaScript.

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App Development tools

2. ESLint

This powerful linter is a must-have for potential error detection in JavaScript, style enforcement, and maintaining quality standards across your mobile applications.

3. JavaScript (ES6) Code Snippets

Speed up development with handy shortcuts for common JavaScript constructs.

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App Development tools

4. IntelliSense for CSS class names in HTML

Effortlessly integrate styling by getting suggestions directly within your HTML.



“The average smartphone user has over 80 apps installed on their device. (Source: TechCrunch)”

5. Debugger for Chrome/Firefox

Debug JavaScript directly within VS Code, setting breakpoints and inspecting variables to ensure your mobile app functions seamlessly.

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App Development tools

6. GitLens

GitLens enhances your workflow with authorship visualization, file history, and blame annotations. Essential for collaborative mobile application development projects.8. Bracket Pair Colorizer: Improve readability, especially in complex code structures, with colorized matching brackets.


7. Quokka.js

Ideal for prototyping and experimentation with live results and feedback.

Advanced AI Tools for Python App Development


Python was conceived in the late 1980s by Guido van Rossum. Designed with readability in mind, it quickly gained popularity for its simplicity and versatility. Python has become a cornerstone for web development, data science, automation, and countless other applications, including its growing role in mobile app development. Python’s versatility drives its popularity in both web development and the creation of backend logic for mobile applications. As a leading mobile application development company, Jigya Software Services recognizes the value of streamlining your Python workflow. Here’s a look at AI tools and extensions that can transform how you approach Python development:

1. GitHub Copilot

Understands your software development project’s context for tailored suggestions and can even provide clear comments alongside the generated code.

  • Adaptive Completions: Generates code tailored to your project’s libraries, patterns, and even your coding style.
  • Alternative Solutions: Offers multiple ways to solve a coding problem, giving you options to explore.
  • Explanatory Comments: Can generate clear comments explaining the suggested code, making it easier to understand and integrate.
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2. Amazon CodeWhisperer

Trained on both public datasets and Amazon’s codebase, it emphasizes security-minded coding and seamless AWS integration, a key consideration for many mobile app developers.

  • Security Emphasis: Prioritizes suggesting code that minimizes security vulnerabilities.
  • AWS Integration: If your Python projects heavily utilize AWS services, CodeWhisperer can seamlessly generate code snippets for interacting with them.

3. Kite

This intelligent AI assistant for web and mobile app developers analyzes your code to offer hyper-relevant suggestions and insightful documentation summaries.

  • Hyper-Relevant Completions: Suggestions and completions are highly context-aware and tailored to your specific codebase and patterns.
  • On-the-fly Documentation: Provides instant access to rich documentation right within your editor for better understanding and efficiency.

4. TabNine Pro

Excels with custom AI model training. Ideal for mobile app development companies with proprietary codebases or niche libraries.

  • Proprietary Code: Train TabNine on your internal Python codebases, making it superbly specialized for your team’s style and conventions.
  • Niche Libraries: Works well for projects that use highly specialized or custom Python libraries.

“Globally, consumers downloaded over 230 billion mobile apps in 2021. (Source: Statista)”

Code Extensions for Python Development


Let’s focus on VS Code, a favorite among mobile app developers. Here’s a curated list of extensions to maximize productivity and streamline your Python experience:

1. Python (Official)

The foundation provided by Microsoft, offering essential features for Python development.

2. Pylance

Supercharges language analysis for lightning-fast and accurate code suggestions.

3. Django

Simplifies Django-based web development projects, which often serve as the backend component for mobile apps.

4. Debugger for Chrome/Firefox

Debug Python code directly within VS Code for an efficient mobile app development workflow.

5. Kite

AI-powered completions that learn from your patterns make this a standout option.

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Advanced AI Tools For React Native


React Native originated as a Facebook hackathon project in 2013. Open-sourced in 2015, it quickly gained popularity for its ability to develop native-like iOS and Android apps using JavaScript and React. Adopted by major companies like Instagram, React Native has matured into a reliable choice for cross-platform mobile app development, supported by a thriving community and extensive ecosystem of tools.

1. GitHub Copilot

Copilot excels at understanding your project context and providing relevant React Native code suggestions. It’s particularly helpful for:

  • Boilerplate Reduction: Autocompletes common components and patterns, saving you time on repetitive tasks.
  • Library Integration: Suggests code snippets for effectively integrating specific React Native libraries and components.
  • Best Practice Adherence: Code generated often reflects recommended React Native patterns and styles.
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2. TabNine Pro

Similar to Copilot, TabNine Pro offers sophisticated code completion and generation. Its customization feature is noteworthy for React Native:

  • Training on Your Code: TabNine can be trained on your existing React Native codebases, making it acutely tailored to your specific conventions and component libraries.

3. Kite

Analyzes your project structure to provide context-aware suggestions. Additionally, offers:

  • In-Depth Documentation Access: Retrieve essential React Native documentation right within your editor, streamlining your learning and workflow.

4. UIzard

A unique tool for converting hand-drawn wireframes or even screenshots into React Native code. Consider it when:

5. Microsoft Lobe

While not React Native-exclusive, Lobe lets you train a visual image classification model without in-depth machine learning expertise. This can be applied for:


Core React Native Development Extensions

1. Prettier (VS Code, WebStorm)

Maintains clean and consistent code formatting for app development throughout your React Native project.

2. ESLint (VS Code, Webstorm)

Enforce best practices and catch potential errors early with a powerful linter configured for React Native.

3. React Native Debugger (VS Code)

Integrates the standalone React Native Debugger tool into VS Code. Also supports Redux DevTools.

4. GitLens (VS Code, WebStorm)

Supercharges your Git experience, providing insights into code authorship, history, and more.

5. Nuclide (Atom)

Atom package created by Facebook, provides React Native-centric features like built-in debugging, flow support, and component inspections.

6. Babel JavaScript

If you use modern JavaScript features (ES6+), ensure proper syntax support and transpiration with this extension.


The integration of AI within the app and mobile development processes is still in its exciting early stages. As AI models become more sophisticated and tools evolve, mobile app developers can expect even greater assistance in their workflows. Embracing AI now positions mobile app development companies like Jigya Software Services for success in this ever-changing landscape, leading to the creation of the next generation of intelligent, user-centric mobile apps. Team Jigya has been providing excelling services to its clients since 1999.
Jigya Software Services, located in Madhapur, Hyderabad has a vast experience that comes from working across industries – retail, banking, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and more. With over 200 IT Consultants on staff and $25 million in annual revenue Jigya Software Services, an Orpine Group Company has the capacity to meet all business needs. For any queries, contact us here.

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