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E- Assessment Tools By Jigya Software Services, Madhapur, Hyderabad

The education and training landscape is rapidly evolving, and assessments are no exception. In this era of digital transformation, a total e-assessment solution by Jigya Software Services holds the potential to revolutionize traditional assessment methods, offering efficiency, flexibility, and insight at unprecedented levels.  

To paint a compelling picture, let’s explore the key features and functionalities our solution can encompass.

Key Features Of Our E- Assessment Solution


1. Comprehensive Assessment Suite:


    • Variety of question formats: E assessment tools by Jigya Software Services, Madhapur, Hyderabad cater to diverse learning styles and assessment needs with a rich library of question types, including multiple choice, essay, simulations, drag-and-drop, and problem-solving. 


    • Adaptive assessments: Leveraging AI to personalize the assessment experience, our online assessment tools adjust difficulty levels and question types based on individual performance, promoting deeper understanding. 


  • Authentic assessments: Jigya’s e- assessment tools integrate real-world scenarios, project-based tasks, and performance-based assessments to measure learners’ practical skills and application of knowledge. 

Not just E- assessments, Jigya Software Services, with its 25 years of experience in the industry, has specialty in providing a variety of services and solutions like HRMS, IT Staff Augmentation, Technology Consulting and more. 

2. Streamlined Workflow and Management:


    • Secure and user-friendly interface: E Assessment solutions provided by Jigya Software Services facilitate easy test creation, administration, and grading for educators, regardless of technical expertise. 


    • Seamless integration with learning platforms: Our online assessment tools can integrate seamlessly with existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) for a unified learning experience. 


  • Automated scoring and feedback: Utilizing advanced algorithms for automated scoring of objective questions, E- assessment tools by Jigya Software Services can free up educators’ time for personalized feedback on more subjective assessments. 


3. Powerful Analytics and Reporting:


    • Detailed performance insights: Our online assessment solutions generate comprehensive reports on individual and group performance, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and learning gaps. 


    • Visualized data dashboards: Leverage interactive dashboards to present data in clear and actionable formats using our e-assessment software. This would aide you in informed decision-making . 


  • Benchmarking and comparative analysis: Compare against internal or external benchmarks to track progress and identify areas for improvement using Jigya’s e assessment tools. 

For a comprehensive guide on e-assessment, their objectives, mechanism and more, you can read our previous blog. Online Assessment: Talent Hunt For the Perfect Fit 

4. Advanced Security and Integrity:


    • Multi-layered security measures: Our E-assessment tools can implement robust measures to protect against data breaches, cheating, and unauthorized access. 


    • Proctoring options: We also offer remote proctoring solutions using AI and webcam technology to ensure the integrity of online assessments. 


  • Compliance with industry standards: Adhering to relevant data privacy regulations and security standards our online assessment tools provide our clients with industry standard e- assessment solutions. 


E- Assessment Tools By Jigya Software Services, Madhapur, Hyderabad
Online Assessment Tools By Jigya Software Services, Madhapur, Hyderabad


5. Adaptability and Scalability:


    • Cloud-based architecture: Jigya’s online assessment tools are accessible from any device, anywhere, fostering flexible learning environments. 


    • API integration: Our e assessment tools can integrate with other educational tools and platforms for a holistic learning ecosystem. 


  • Customization options: Offering customization options to cater to the specific needs of different organizations and educational contexts, Jigya’s online assessment solutions have varied features that organizations can make use of. 


What’s in it For You, The Client:

By weaving these elements together, our total e-assessment solution can:

    • Enhance learning outcomes: By providing personalized assessments, actionable feedback, and data-driven insights, educators can tailor their teaching to individual needs and promote deeper learning. 


    • Improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness: Streamlined workflows, automated scoring, and reduced administrative burden can save educators time and resources. 


    • Increase accessibility and inclusivity: Online assessments can remove geographical barriers. They can offer flexible testing options, making learning more accessible for diverse learners. 


  • Promote evidence-based decision making: Data-driven insights from assessments can inform curriculum development, resource allocation, and strategic planning. 

Jigya Software services is an Orpine group company, Established in 1999, It is an IT development, services and consulting company with offices in Georgia, North Carolina, California and India.   

Jigya is regarded as a pioneer in the development of intuitive, user-friendly apps. No matter how complicated and ambiguous your operations appear, our professional team of vastly experienced and certified developers would sculpt it to be seamless within an app for your end-users. 

Our vast experience comes from working across industries – retail, banking, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and more. With over 200 IT Consultants on staff and $25 million in annual revenue, Jigya has the capacity to meet any of your business needs. 

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